Fish of a lifetime!

14th August Mineral lakes Bedworth.
A few of my angling buddies have been begging me to take them to catch their first sturgeon. Myself and Gav organise a day session on Mineral to do just that. We arrived early and set up in the same peg. The pegs at Mineral lakes can easily accommodate two anglers so this was not a problem. I went for my usual set up free lining meat in the margins while Gav fished open water with boilies.
I was considering just focusing on carp today as there a some proper lumps in Mineral lakes but the idea of potentially landing another 50lb+ fish is hard to ignore
45 minutes in and my left rod twitches, the line goes tight and I lift into the fish which feels a good size. A typical sturgeon bite. A good 20 minute battle which I won. Gav was amazed by the power of this fish I could tell he was dying to catch one. The slender beast comes into view and I guide its nose towards the net. Gav slides then net under its scaleless body and we lift her up to the matt.

36lb of pure muscle. What a great start.

Ten minutes later Gavs left hand alarm beeps into life. Setting the hook perfectly he’s into his first sturgeon. A short fight later he’s on the bank. A beautiful diamond back around 15lb. He’s over the moon.

We have a few hours with little to no action. A few line bites and beeps from passing fish and small bream having a nibble. I decide to start baiting up a small area in front of me about a rod length out. After leaving it for half an hour or so I set up a ledger rig with a size 6 hook and a 5 inch long hair onto witch I put half a tin on luncheon meat. Not expecting anything to pick it up but after hearing story’s of the size of fish in here they would be more than capable of swallowing this bait.
I get another pick up on the other rod. Another heavy fish, this fight seems quite lazy though. No strong runs or jumps. This seems odd. Netting the fish we soon realise why. It’s the same 36lb sturgeon I caught early that morning. Unbelievable, this is one hungry fish. This was proven again later when Gav caught it as well. The same fish three times in one session. Iv never heard of this before. Gav was more than Happy though as this was his first 30lber.

No bites as of yet on the half a tin of meat I had put on earlier. The bite alarm was going mental due to small bream and roach nibbling at it constantly, I had to adjust the sensitivity as it was slowly driving me insane.

After 45 minutes of beeping the tone changed. No more beeps just a constant drone as line starts to peal off my spool. Me and Gav exchange looks. ” that’s not a bream.”
I adjust the clutch on my reel. Tighten up and lift into the fish the weight is immense. It instantly swims to the surface and tail walks magnificently. Gav and I are both speechless, the white body of the biggest sturgeon I have ever Hooked flew out of the water and crashed down with such force it sounded like someone had just jumped in. This fish was around 7 feet long and as wide as me. The gruelling fight lasted nearly half an hour with a few nail biting moments when the fish jumped and the line slackened as it landed. ” don’t you dare loose it” Gav said with a smile. I didn’t, we finally got it into the net now with an audience of other anglers coming to check out the commotion. By far the biggest fish I have ever seen in the flesh let alone caught. Nearly 7 feet long and weighing in at an incredible 76lb 12oz truly the fish of a lifetime. I think it will be a long time before I beat this one.

What an amazing day.
Two weeks later I returned to mineral lakes on my own for a very wet day session the rain was torrential so the session didn’t last long. I managed one fish then decided to make tracks home and dry off.

A stunner of a diamond back 41lb 7oz. Definitely worth getting getting soaked for.


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