The Jam Factory 

The jam factory or lower broad Heath fisheries has popped up in conversation a few times but I was yet to fish it. Mixed reviews put me off it slightly, people saying it was generally a match fishing venue overstocked with small carp and any of the larger fish are damaged due to angler mistreating them. I tend to stay away from venues like this as I hate too see carp with dissformed mouths and missing scales caused by inexperienced and ignorant anglers. Recently though  after a few good sessions on my local river I have taken a liking to fishing and open ended feeder. The idea of bagging up on decent sized bream and roach with the possibility of the odd carp sounded pretty tempting so I thought I’d bite the bullet and see what it was like.

My partner decided she’d like to tag along on this trip as she has never joined me on the bank befor we were also joined by her grandfather David and my usual fishing parter Josh (AKA- sausage). With 6 pools to choose from and no knowledge of the venue whatsoever I turned Google to find out more about the pools. We opted for the island pool with the Internet promising us a large carp for David and Josh and a good head of bream, roach and tench for me. We set up and start fishing. I mix my groundbait, a protein filled concoction of Pro natural bream mix, caster, hemp and mixed maggots topped off with half a tin of corn. It looked good enough to eat myself. My feeder set up is a simple. A large loop tied onto the end of my mainline which holds the feeder and a hook to Nilon fixed to the end of that with a knotless knot.

I fill my feeder and cast to the same spot six times to create a nice bed of bait hook some maggots, make my first cast and wait for the fish to move in. After 10 minutes or so  I get my first bite. A small bream around the 1lb mark. Fish in the keep net and my feeder Refilled I cast to the same spot for another bite as soon as the bait had settled on the bottom. Another bream this one slightly bigger. Looks good so far. We had discussed the idea of moving pools in the afternoon depending the the quality of fishing where we were as the pool next door to us looked really fishy and the bayliff told me holds a good head of bream and crucian carp. The arrival of a noisy family who decided to set up only a few pegs away from us shouting a splashing about hastened our decision and we moved strait away.
A bit annoyed at the fact we had to move as I had got the fish feeding well, (7 bream in the keep net already) I set up again and got comfy in my new spot. I make my first cast and get a bite almost instantly. The right place at the right time I think. The fish pulls back and and what felt like a decent sized carp snapped my 5lb leader. 5 minutes later I have my first fish in the net after the move.

Only a little one but welcome none the less. The fishing exploded after this with carp after carp all round the same size. Great fun on light tackle.

A few surprises in the mix too such as this beautiful fan tailed brown goldish.

Another first today as well with my fiancées first ever fish.

What a Cracker… And the fish 🙂
A few nice fish from David’s peg too, though he was rather annoyed to find out a young lad had an 18lb carp out of the swim he had started on.

All in all a great day and a nice change.


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