Childhood memories, tiny hooks and the bug

Childhood memories, tiny hooks and the bug.
14th July, Grove farm fisheries, Worcester
Every angler dreams of landing the fish of a lifetime. Be it a 40lb French carp, or a river Ebro catfish breaking the magic 100lb barrier. But there will always be a satisfaction in going back to basics and rekindling some childhood memories. Every angler remember their first fish as a child, hooking a couple of maggots and catching a Perch or Gudgeon from the local canal or pool. The excitement of seeing that float go under for the first time then holding your catch with a massive grin for a photograph to show the grandparents. I decided to relive some of these memories, so I pop to my local tackle shop for a pint of maggots and to top up on some light tackle, small hooks, shots and floats.

I arrive at the bank and have the pool to myself, I assemble my 12 float rod and set up a waggler float. After using size 6-8 carp hooks and 15lb+ line for most sessions tying a size 20 onto 1.5lb line proves to be a bit of a fiddly challenge but eventually I am ready to make my first cast. There is a sunken willow tree to my right and I decide to fish tight up against it. A couple of handfuls of maggots into the swim and I notice flashes of gold and silver just below the surface, I adjust my depth to about a foot deep and cast. The bites are instant and quick reflexes are rewarded with fin perfect fish. Roach and Rudd all near the 1lb mark and some over. I think back to when I was younger I would have been talking about a Roach this size for weeks.

A perfect specimine.

Look at those colours, like a bar of gold.
A great session and a nice change. Don’t get me wrong the thrill of your alarm screaming and the potential of a monster carp will always make my hairs stand on end, but we must never forget how it all started and how we not only caught our first fish, we caught the bug, and that’s one that will never get away.


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