Getting Ziggy with it. 

20th February 2016 Kingsnordley fishery and stables, bridgenorth. 

The anticipation of a days fishing is already enough to cause a sleepless night, but the day before your first carp session of the year you might as well not even bother trying. You lie staring at your bedroom ceiling discussing tactics with yourself, planning for every possible Scenario. Making rigs in your head, imagining the tartiest  set up you can create in the peg you have already chosen in the hope it will be free in the morning. Where will I cast?!? two in the margins 1 open water? 1 tight to the island? How about I set up a float rod too incase the carp fishing a bit slow, a bit of tiddler bashing to keep Me Occupied while I wait for my Alarm to wake up……This was me Sunday night. I was still receiving texts off josh my fishing partner at 11pm talking all things carpy so I knew he was doing exactly the same thing. Eventually I drifted off to sleep, well I say sleep I blinked and the clock jumped forward 6 hours and my wake up call was buzzing. Usually this is my worst nightmare but not today. Not ten minutes after my alarm went off I was in my car en route to pick up josh. Today is going to be a good day. I’m sure of it. 

A quick stop for a McDonald’s breakfast on the way and we are here. 

Nice looking place. And I made a new friend.

We set up on the gage pegs 1 & 2. Catch reports show some great fish being caught as of late up to 26lb. I opted to fish a zig rig with a small pink fruity boilie around 5ft off bottom. I have never caught on a zig before so I was hoping today would be the day.

What a perfect morning. 

Only An hour in and I get a beep on my Alarm and I’m into the first Fish of the day. A slow and powerful fight from what feels to be a nice sized carp. I’m chuffed to bits as my first zig caught carp slides into the mesh. 

Cracking start to the day.

Rods back out it’s not long before I get another run. Lucky I didn’t wonder off as I forgot to turn my alarm back on after recasting. The bait runner soon caught my attention though. ​

Another stunner about the same size. This was followed up by a smaller one each for josh and I to finish off the day. 

I have visited Kingsnordley a few times and Have had some great sessions. I have written  another blog titled Relocation Relocation it is a fish filled account of a session on the house pool last year. It is also where I caught my first sturgeon so it will always stick out in my Mind as one if my favourite venues. Jenny and Ian are more than happy to help and always happy to give you a few tips. I would recommend this anglers paradise to anyone.  With specimens and silver fish pools to choose from there is something for everyone. 

See you in a few weeks…


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