The illusion 

Is social media creating an unrealistic image of what fishing is actually like. It seems we are never more that a few clicks from pictures of anglers holding monstrous carp nowhere near what the average angler will catch in a lifetime. The average day ticket water holds carp to 30lb…. If your lucky. Most anglers are used to mid teens, low twenties, and most are happy with that. Yes of course everyone dreams of breaking the 30lb barrier and it is doable, but seeing these 50-60-70lb+ carp on every fishing website and social page is giving us blinkered vision. We are not fishing for pleasure anymore. Everyone’s has to have the most expensive, matching up to date, perfectly set up gear. Rod pod perfectly straight,reel handles in line, bobbins at the same hight just to take a photograph of it to post on Instagram. I’m guilty of this my Instagram is full of these pictures. If your a fisherman and have Instagram yours probably is too, but this isn’t going to make you catch more fish. We need to take a step back and remember why we do this. Instead of trying to beat your mate at the tartiest set up or how far you can cast. Compare rigs, give advise, don’t critasize every post on face books fishing groups and help the young ones just starting out. I am an all round angler I am just as happy catching a 9oz Roach as I am catching a monster sturgeon. I take photographs to make memories and share my experiences. So share your stories, share you experiences and share your prized captures but don’t be disheartened by the guys posting 50lbers, who knows you might get one one day. Tight lines 🎣🎣


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