Bubble Brook

It was the beginning of September 2015, sadly I think we have seen the last of the good weather for this year. It was overcast and miserable, dry thankfully, but dull. I was walking the banks of the local brook that winds its way around the east of Worcester and eventually enters the river Theme. The last time I cast a line in these waters I was probably nine years old. Ten years ago this beautiful little stream was a thriving eco system of life. Big chub, roach, perch and the occasional trout and pike could be seen holding themselves steady in the faster runs awaiting pray to ambush. Sadly the years have taken its toll on this little paradise. Every bridge you peer over you are greeted with either a bicycle or trolley submerged in the murky flow. Its so frustrating to see these beautiful pieces of the country ruined by peoples ignorance.
I walked for probably a mile, clear spots showed no life and perhaps the rod and bag I was carrying a waist of time. I found a clearing on a bend, the flow was a lot slower here and the opposite bank was lined with tall reeds. If there was a spot to catch this was it. Earlier on my walk I had come across a perfect rod rest shaped stick which I pushed into the ground at the waters edge. I pinched a small piece of bread flake onto my size fourteen hook and made a cast. I was free lining with just one small shot on the line I think it was a number four, I’m not too sure. Just enough to sink the bait slowly and allow it to gently roll along the bottom. I followed my bait with a few free offerings of bread pieces rolled into balls about the size of a pea.
It was around ten minutes later while considering checking my bread when the rod tip twitched. It twitched again followed by a gentle pull. I lifted into the bite and felt the fish pull back. I was over the moon at the fact there was still life in this dirty little stream. There was a flash of silver as I lifted the scrapping fish to the surface and a beautiful roach came into view. A perfect a healthy sized fish of probably half a pound. After seeing how much water can change, and to return to a well know area and find it almost unrecognizable it’s a pleasure to catch such a beautiful specimen. Sadly I didn’t manage to land anything ells, I had a couple more nibbles but couldn’t tempt another bite. To be honest I was more than happy with one fish. I wasn’t even expecting a take.


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